Alarming Feature

Alarming can be enabled to monitor both analog and digital signals with fixed, adjustable, and tracking alarm limits.

Alarm limits can be defined for high high, high, low, low low, rate of change, and digital alarms.

The first step is to define the Alarm Limits.  This is demonstrated in the Quick Start Section under Configure Tags-Alarm Limits.

Alarm Limits are also demonstrated in the following video.

The next step is determine how you want to present the alarm to the user.

Users can view what is currently in alarm and history of alarms in both Windows and Web versions of the alarm windows.  Both support Internet communications as well.  For Smartphones the Web Alarm Window is the right choice.  For Windows and WPF applications the Windows Alarm Window is the one to use.

If you do not want to develop an application and just want to trend window to display your data you can use the OPC Trends and Alarms Container.

Windows Alarm Window Feature

Web Alarm Window Feature

Setup alarm notifications to send e-mails when alarms occur.

Setup alarm statistics to write results back to the real-time data service also using the Alarm Notification feature.

Setup Alarm Logging to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, mySQL, and CSV files.