*Configure Alarm Notification

The Alarm Notification feature is used to summarize alarm totals and send e-mails based on specified filter criteria of alarm conditions.

In order to utilize alarm notification you must first define the Tag Alarm Limits as described in Configure Tags of this Quick Start section.  You can view the following video to know how to define Alarm Limits if you like.


If you prefer to watch a video on alarm notification use the following link.


For a complete list of all Alarm Notification properties refer to the OPC Systems Configuration-Alarm Notification section in this help file.




Start Configure OPC Systems application.

Load the DemoTags Tag configuration or use the new Tag configuration you have created.


Select Configure-Alarm Notification.


Select the Local OPC Systems Service by selecting the Select button or the Local node in the service tree to the left.



Enter the Notification Group Name of Simulation in the field in the upper right.


Check Notification Active in the Common Properties Tab.


Select the Filters Tab.

Notice how you can define filtering based on Alarm Priority, Alarm Groups, and Alarm Types.


Select the E-Mail Tab

You can define to send alarms that meet the filter criteria to an e-mail account.  Use a semicolon to separate multiple e-mail addresses.


Select the Tags Tab

With the Tags properties you can assign to automatically write alarm statistics to OPC Systems.NET Tags.  Useful to drive an external alarm horn through a PLC or display how many alarms are currently active.


Select Configure-Tags and add a Boolean Tag with the name Alarm Is Active.

Add an Integer Tag with the name Number Of Alarms Active.

Add an Integer Tag with the name Number Of Alarms In Last 24 Hours.


Return to Configure-Alarm Notification.


Enable the property to Set Tag When Alarm Active.

Assign the Tag name Alarm Is Active.Value


Enable the property to Set Integer Tag with Alarm Active Count.

Assign the Tag name Number Of Alarms Active.


Enable the property to Set Integer Tag With Number Of Alarms In A Given Period.

Assign the Tag name Number Of Alarms In Last 24 Hours.



Select the Add button in the lower left to add the Alarm Notification group.


Select the Save button on the toolbar at the top.


Save the file DemoAlarmNotification.AlarmNotification in the directory C:\OPCSystemsDemo.

You can specify for this configuration to load automatically when the Service starts using Configure-Options which is described also in this Training Guide.


Return to Configure-Tags and select each tag and not that the current number of alarms and active state are updated automatically to the appropriate tag.


Alarm Notification CSV Export and Import

Alarm Notification Programmatic Interface