*Configure Options

The OPC Systems.NET Service will automatically load the default configuration files specified under Configure Options.  There is also a few adjustable parameters for the Service including enabling an OPC Server Watchdog and to re-load realtime trending and alarm data.  The file that is generated with Configure-Options is OPCSystems.options in the installation directory of OPC Systems.NET (C:\Program Files\Open Automation Software\OPC Systems.NET\).





Start Configure OPC Systems application.


Select Configure-Options.


Select the Local OPC Systems Service by selecting the Select button or the Local node in the service tree to the left.


Check the Load Default Tag Configuration On Service Start.

Browse for the file C:\OPCSystemsDemo\DemoTags.tags.

The Error Log path defaults to the \Log directory under the installation directory (C:\Program Files\Open Automation Software\OPC Systems.NET\).

You can assign this to any directory you like.

Enable Transaction Logging only when you need to see the raw value being received by all OPC Server Items with Good Quality.

All Bad Quality OPC Items will show up in the Error Log.

It is recommend to set an OPC Server Watchdog Rate of 60 seconds if you are connecting to local or remote OPC Servers.

If you are performing data logging from a remote OPC Systems Service or to a remote database engine it is recommend to enable Store Data Logging Buffering to Disk on Network Loss or Database Engine Failure.  This will then buffer data to disk leaving RAM free when data cannot be delivered due to a temporary network loss.  When using this feature you can limit the maximum number of time the buffering occurs to not overrun the hard disk for long periods of failure.

If you have used the Time On and Counts feature of any Tag you will want to specify the File to Store Times and Counts in order to retain the numbers if your system restarts.


Select the Apply Changes button to save the changes for the OPC Systems Service you are connected to.

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