*Configure Trend ActiveX

The OPC Trend ActiveX control can be integrated directly into any ActiveX container, most commonly HMI graphic applications or Visual Studio 6.0.

Note: ActiveX controls are not 100% managed and you should use the .NET controls for Visual Studio.NET applications and in more update to date containers that support .NET controls.

Below is an example of using the OPC Trend ActiveX Control integrated into Visual Basic 6.0 or other ActiveX container of your choice.




Start Visual Basic 6.0 with a new or existing Project or other ActiveX container application of your choice.

If using other ActiveX container than Visual Studio simply select the appropriate method of the application to add an ActiveX control and select OPCTrendActiveX.OPCTrend and skip to Step 6.


To add the OPC Trend.ActiveX Control to your Visual Studio 6.0 development system select View-Toolbox from within Visual Studio.


Right-Click on the Toolbox and select Components.


Select OPC Trend ActiveX Control from the list of Controls


*From the ToolBox select the OPC Trend ActiveX Control icon and add the trend to any Form.


Resize the Trend Window to any size your desire.

Please note that some of the Runtime Properties will not be available for modifying during runtime if the Trend Window is too small.


Select Properties of Trend Window and select Pens.


Select Add Pen.

Select the Local OPC Systems Service in the Trend Point Tags dialog.

*Note: if you desire to setup the Trend Window to work on remote application select the Network browse to select the appropriate network name of the local or remote OPC Systems Service.


Expand the Ramp Tag and select the Value Parameter and select OK in the lower left of the dialog.

Only Parameters that have been enabled as Trend Point in the Tag configuration will appear for trending.


Select Add Pen and expand the Sine Tag and select the Value Parameter and select OK in the lower left of the dialog.


Select Ramp.Value from the Pen list and set the Pen Color to Blue, then select Apply button for the Pen.


Select Sine.Value from the Pen list and set the High Range to 1 and Low Range to -1, then select the Apply button for the Pen..


Select the Rates Property Tab and set the set the TimeFrame to 60 seconds.


Select OK at the bottom of the Property Page.


Save your application and compile if needed and you are now ready to run the application.

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