Import CSV

Select the OPC Systems Service that you desire to import a CSV file to the Tag configuration and select Import CSV to import a Comma Separated Variable file.

Use the Export CSV feature to generate a CSV file.  You can then use Microsoft Excel or other CSV compatible application to add or modify Tags.  Only the Tag name is the required field.  You can select to include or exclude all other fields.  Only those fields that are found in the header will be used to update the properties of the Tags.  If a Tag already exists it will be updated,  If the Tag does not exist it will be created.  Existing Tags that are not specified in the CSV file will not be updated or deleted.

The same tag parameter structure can be used to programmatically define tags with the TagCSVImport method on the free to use OPCSystems component.  This is demonstrated in the Form FormConfigureCSV in the WinForm Example Code.