Logging Type

Logging Types

Continuous: Log data at the specified Logging Rate.  The minimum logging rate is 100 nanoseconds.

Event Driven: Log data when the Event Driven Logging Tag Parameter value transitions.  The time resolution for this feature is 100 nanoseconds.

The trigger can be a Boolean set to transition from False to True, True to False, or Both.  The trigger can also come from an Integer tag that will trigger the logging anytime the value changes and the value is non-zero.

Specific Time Of Day: Logging occurs at the specific Time Of Day.

Data Change Row: Will log a new row anytime one or more of the Tag values changes.

Data Change: Will log a new record for every tag any time they change.  This logging type has a narrow table format logging the Date and Time, Tag Name Alias, and Value for each value.  This logging type has the benefit of being able to specify more than 1,000 tags in a logging group, but can use up more disk space in the database engine if all of the values are changing frequently.

Merlin: This a special type of logging group designed specifically for an OEM customer.  This type is not applicable for logging.