File-New: Clears all trend and alarm windows and starts with a blank configuration.

      File-Open: Opens an existing configuration previously saved.

      File-Save: Saves the current configuration with the existing file name.  This will save the list of Trend and Alarm Windows and the current list of Windows in the View Window.  All Trend and Alarm Window configurations are stored automatically with their own files when modifications are made.

      File-Save As: Saves the current configuration and with a desired file name.

      File-Exit: Exit the application.

      Configure-Options: Shows the application options dialog used to set the 3D rendering mode to optimal setting.  Some systems do not support Window rendering, but most do and it is recommended to enable this option if possible to lessen the CPU load for 3D rendering.  See Troubleshooting tips on RenderMode3D.

      View-Horizontal: Organize all windows horizontally.

      View-Vertical: Organize all windows vertically.

      View-Full Screen: Show one Window at a time.  All other windows are selectable from the pull down list at the top of the window.

      View-Navigator: Show navigator menu bar to the left.