The OPC Alarm.NET product provides the features of viewing real-time and historical alarms on unlimited local and remote systems, alarm logging, alarm notification, and alarm statistics.  This product includes the windows services to monitor alarm limits, a .NET component to be used on local and remote systems to connect to the local windows service.

For step by step instructions review the following sections in the Quick Start Example topic.

Refer to Tag Configuration for setting the alarm limits for tags.

Windows Alarming for how to add an alarm window to a Windows WinForm or WPF application.

Configure Alarm Logging to setup alarm logging.

Configure Alarm Notification to setup sending alarms via e-mail and keeping track of alarm statistics.


Define alarm limits.


Alarm Window in Windows application.


Log alarms.


Send e-mail alarms.


OPC Alarm Control

View the following section for description of the OPC Alarm .NET control.



OPC Alarm.NET Component

Visual Studio.NET Reference

OPC Alarm.NET Properties

OPC Alarm.NET Runtime Distribution

OPC Alarm ActiveX Control

Visual Studio Reference

OPC Alarm ActiveX Properties

OPC Alarm ActiveX Control Runtime Distribution

OPC Alarm.NET Toolbars

OPC Alarm.NET Programmatic Methods

OPC Alarm.NET Logging

OPC Alarm.NET Notification