OPC Alarm.NET Logging

The OPC Alarm.NET product provides alarm logging to databases and Comma Separated Variable text files.  The data source can be from local or remote OPC Systems Services with Alarm Limits configured.  The database providers can be SQL Server, SQL Server Desktop (MSDE), Access, Oracle, or ODBC.  You can have the system automatically change the database Server, Database, and/or Table based on Tag Parameter values.

By taking advantage of the OPC Systems.NET communications from service to service you can reliably log remote alarms from other another OPC Systems Service with no data loss.  If the network connection is lost between services there is no data loss as long as the remote service is in Runtime mode and has been requested by the local Alarm Logging service at least once all data is buffered on the remote service up to 10,000 records to be delivered once the network connection is made available once again.

Using remote OPC Systems Services also helps simplify security connections as there will be no remote DCOM setup necessary as all OPC Servers can be connected as local.

Refer to Configure Alarm Logging to setup alarm logging on local or remote OPC Systems Services.

View the following video on setting up Alarm Logging.