OPC Client Feature

To share all data from the real-time data service with other third party OPC Clients both local and remote use the product feature OPC Client.NET.

Connections to OPC Servers is included for free with all product features, so do not confuse the name with connecting to OPC Servers.

If you would like to connect to remote OPC Servers over the Internet OPC Client.NET is the right product.  Use either DirectOPC with direct browsing of OPC Servers or the OPC Systems.NET tags.  When using OPC Systems.NET tags you can share the following data sources with your OPC client.

      OPC Servers

      OPC Clients

      Microsoft Excel (with OPC Excel.NET)

      Databases (with OPC Recipe.NET)

      .NET applications (with OPC Windows HMI.NET)

View the following video for a quick presentation on connecting to OPC Clients


View the Quick Start section on Third Party OPC Clients to follow simple steps on connecting data with third party OPC Clients.