OPC Connection

View the appropriate sub section for resolving communication problems with OPC Servers.

- If you receive an RCW DLL Missing error install the OPC Foundation Core Components and restart the system.

- Use the OPC Foundation Sample Client to verify the OPC Server is working correctly.

- Use the OPC Data Fix to connect to OPC Servers that do not run as a Windows Service.

- If only one OPC Client at a time can connect to the OPC Server set the OPC Server Identity to interactive user.

- View the DCOM Configuration Guide if the Windows Firewall is blocking DCOM access or the default DCOM security is not setup.

- To connect to Remote OPC Servers install the OPC Systems Service on the same computer as the OPC Servers.

- View the following troubleshooting video view step by step instructions on resolving common OPC Server communication problems.


Contact Open Automation Software at 1-303-679-0898 if you have an OPC Server that you cannot connect to.


RCW DLL Missing

OPC Foundation Sample Client

OPC Data Fix

DCOM Configuration Guide

OPC Server Identity

Remote OPC Servers