OPC Controls Write Values

Refer to the WinForm Example Code installed with OPC Systems.NET for a full example on how to write data to OPC Systems.NET.

To write values from the OPC Systems involves one simple method to write the values, one simple method to let the OPC Systems Services which Tags you wish to read to confirm the value was successful, and one simple event receive all changes and updates to the Tags you wish to read.

Use the AddTag or AddTags to subscribe to both local and remote OPC Systems Services to receive back the value for confirmation.

OpcControlsData.AddTag("Write OPC Output.Value")

Use the WriteTag or WriteTags to send the desired values to the tags.

OpcControlsData.WriteTag("Write OPC Output.Value", 1.23)

Use the ValuesChangedAll Event to receive the requested values continuously to confirm the values have changed.