*OPC Mobile Data

The OPC Mobile Data component is used to read and write values to remote OPC Systems Tag Parameters.

Reading and writing to remote OPC Systems Service Tags simplifies the task of reading and writing OPC data and all of the connection handling to OPC Servers is performed by the OPC Systems Service just as it does with all features of OPC Systems.NET.

If a Tag Parameter Source is defined to an OPC Item when the Tag Parameter is written to the OPC Item is also written to with the same value.

To add an OPC Mobile Data component select the OPCMobileData component from the ToolBox and place it on any Device Form of your choice.  See Add OPC Mobile Components to Visual Studio to add the OPC Mobile Data component to the ToolBox.  You can also programmatically add the OPC Mobile Data component to the Module or Class of your choice.


OPC Mobile Read Values

OPC Mobile Write Values