OPC Server to OPC Server Data Transfer Feature

The product feature OPC Route.NET provides easy data transfer from OPC Server to OPC Server even over the Internet.

Use the Target tab under Configure-Tags to define the OPC Server Item destination.  The source comes from the Value of a Tag and can be different than an OPC Item.

When using OPC Systems.NET tags you can have the following data sources as the Value.

      OPC Servers

      OPC Clients

      Microsoft Excel (with OPC Excel.NET)

      Databases (with OPC Recipe.NET)

      .NET applications (with OPC Windows HMI.NET)

View the following video for a quick presentation on setting up automatic writing to OPC Servers.


View the Quick Start section on Configure OPC Route.NET to follow simple steps.  For the reference information on each item refer to the OPC Systems Configuration-Tags Target properties.

** Note: If you wish to write to an OPC Item from an HMI, Recipe, confirmation, or any other client feature that supports a write you do not need the OPCRoute.NET feature.  When a Tag is written to and the data source is an OPC Item the write will automatically occur to the OPC Server.