OPC Systems.NET

If you are new to OPC Systems.NET and need to determine where to begin, first determine what Data Sources you will have and what Features you want to implement.  You can then proceed to the Quick Start section for step by step instructions on how to setup each component or the easy to follow Evaluation Guide section.

View https://www.opcsystems.com/astartguide_video.htm for a quick introduction to help resources.

If you prefer on-line video training visit http://www.freescadatraining.com for step by step on-line video training.

When using the Configure OPC Systems application and you would like reference information on the properties you are working with hit the F1 key on the keyboard while the cursor is on the item or select the question mark  the near the property.  This will open the OPC Systems Configuration section in this file with the specific property of interest.

OPC Systems.NET is a service oriented architecture support 15 different product features to assist developers in creating a complete SCADA solution.  HMI applications are developed using Visual Studio or Expression Blend, no programming experience is required and most features require no code at all.


Data sources for OPC Systems.NET include the following.

      OPC Servers (free with any product feature)

      OPC Clients (with OPC Client.NET)

      Databases (with OPC Recipe.NET)

      .NET applications (with OPC Windows HMI.NET)

      Microsoft Excel (with OPC Excel.NET)


For a description of architecture design of OPC Systems.NET view the Overview section.



  Quick Start

Data Sources


  OPC Systems Service

   OPC Windows HMI.NET


   OPC Mobile.NET


   OPC Gauge.NET

   OPC Alarm.NET

   OPC Web Alarm.NET

   OPC Trend.NET

   OPC Web Trend.NET

   OPC Database.NET

   OPC Recipe.NET

   OPC Report.NET

   OPC Excel.NET

   OPC Route.NET

   OPC Client.NET

   OPC Systems Configuration

  OPC Trend and Alarms Container HMI

  Smart Client Deployment

        Software Licensing


        End User License Agreement