The OPC Trend.NET product provides real-time trending for WinForm and WPF applications and historical trending when combined with the product feature OPC Database.NET.  OPC Trend.NET includes the windows services to provide real-time data, a .NET component to be used on local and remote systems to connect to the local windows service, and together with OPC Database.NET provides historical replay to the OPCTrendControl component.

For step by step instructions review the following sections in the Quick Start Example topic.

Refer to Tag Configuration to enable the Trend Point property of each Tag Parameter.

Windows Trending for how to add a trend window to a Windows WinForm or WPF application.


View the following video for a quick introduction to OPC Trend.NET.


View the following video for basic steps on using OPC Trend.NET in a Windows application.


For displaying real-time and historical data in the same window view the following video.


For setting specific real-time time frames for trending view the following video.


To define and X-Y Plot trend view the following video.


Other resources for WinForm and WPF trending applications.

View the following video if you are using OPC Trend.NET with Visual Studio 2010 to set the full Target Framework.


View the Networking video for syntax on how to enable remote communications.


To deploy your application as a Smart Client view the following video.



OPC Trend Control

View the following section for description of the OPC Trent .NET control.



OPC Trend.NET Component

Visual Studio.NET Reference

OPC Trend.NET Properties

OPC Trend.NET Runtime Distribution

OPC Trend ActiveX Control

Visual Studio Reference

OPC Trend ActiveX Properties

OPC Trend ActiveX Control Runtime Distribution

OPC Trend.NET Toolbars

OPC Trend.NET Programmatic Methods