*OPC Web Controls LinkButton

The OPC Web Controls LinkButton component performs exactly like the standard WebForms LinkButton component with additional properties to automatically update from any OPC Systems Tag Parameter, and to set any OPC Systems Tag Parameter with a click without any programming.  The OPC Systems Properties are design mode accessible and allow for browsing any local or remote OPC Systems Service.  For additional description of all properties and methods refer to the OPCWebControls Help file.

To add an OPC Web Controls LinkButton select the OPCWebControlsLinkButton component from the ToolBox and place it on any WebForm of your choice.  Make sure to also include one OPCWebRefresh component with the default ID of OPCWebRefresh1 on the WebForm to enable all OPCWebControls for real-time update.  See Add OPC Web Controls Components to Visual Studio.NET to add the OPC Web Controls LinkButton to the ToolBox.


OPC Web Controls LinkButton Properties