OPC Web Service for OPC Mobile.NET

In order to browse OPC Systems.NET Tags during your application development and communicate to the OPC Systems.NET Service from Mobile and CE applications the OPCWebService must be activate.

Windows Vista does not allow a web site virtual directory to be automatically so the automatic feature of this web service is no longer available from the installation of OPC Systems.NET.

 If IIS was not setup during the installation of OPC Systems.NET you can still manually assign the OPCWebService for any installed OPC Systems.NET software.

To manually setup the OPCWebService perform the following steps.

1.  Select Administrative Tools under Control Panel.  For Vista select System Maintenance under Control Panel, then Administrative Tools.

2.  Select Internet Information Services.

3.  Browse to the Default Web Site and right click on the Default Web Site to select New-Virtual Directory.

4.  Click Next in the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard.

5.  Type OPCWebService as the Alias and select Next

6.  Browse and select OPCWebService directory in the installation directory of OPC Systems.NET. 

For .NET Framework 2.0 installations this directory is Program Files\Open Automation Software\OPCSystems.NET\OPCWebService\.

For .NET Framework 1.1 installations this directory is Program Files\EEI\OPCSystems.NET\OPCWebService\.

7.  Select to Read, Run Scripts, and Execute for the Virtual Directory.

8.  Select Finish to create the Virtual Directory.

You are now ready to use the Virtual Directory and the OPCWebService with OPC Mobile.NET development and runtime.  Each OPC Systems.NET system you wish to communicate with must have the OPCWebService available.