OPC Web Trend.NET

The OPC Web Alarm.NET product provides the features of viewing real-time data in a web application and together with OPC Database.NET provides historical replay to the OPCWebTrend component.  This product includes the windows services to communicate with OPC Servers and process the trend data for unlimited local and remote web applications.

All components are native ASP.NET components providing real-time update and data control using AJAX technology for real-time update without the need to refresh an entire page.

Develop ASP.NET applications for HMI systems for unlimited browser interface.  Simply define the properties you desire to control from real-time data from any licensed local or remote OPC Systems Service.

For step by step instructions review the following sections in the Quick Start Example topic.

Refer to Tag Configuration to enable the Trend Point property of each Tag Parameter.

Web Trending for how to add a trend window to a Web application.


Quick presentation on adding a trend window in Web application.


Detailed step by step instructions for adding trending to a web application.


OPC Web Trend Control

View the following section for description of the OPC Web Trend .NET control.



OPC Web Trend.NET Component

OPC Web Trend.NET Properties

Add OPC Web Trend Component to Visual Studio.NET

Special consideration for all WebForms using OPC Web Trend.NET for real-time update.

ASP.NET registration for IIS

Deployment of OPC Web Trend.NET ASP.NET application

OPC Web Refresh