The OPC Windows HMI.NET product provides Human Machine Interface .NET controls and real-time data communications components.  The product includes the Windows Services to read and write OPC Items and Tag Parameters and process data to unlimited local and remote applications developed with the OPC Controls components.

All of the component names are called OPCControls which are all included with the OPC Windows HMI.NET product.

Applications developed with OPC Windows HMI.NET can run locally and remotely.

For step by step instructions of using OPC Windows HMI.NET review the Quick Start Example-HMI-Windows HMI section or view the following video presentations.


WinForm MDI Quick Start Templates for users that are not familiar with Visual Studio.


WinForm Tabbed Quick Start Templates for users that are not familiar with Visual Studio.


Short introduction to OPC Windows HMI.NET (OPC Controls).


Detailed instructions for using OPC Controls.


Programmatically access data from a .NET application.


OPC Controls Components

The following sections provide details of all properties of all controls.


Add OPC Controls Components to Visual Studio.NET

OPC Controls Label

OPC Controls Button

OPC Controls TextBox

OPC Controls CheckBox

OPC Controls RadioButton

OPC Controls GroupBox

OPC Controls PictureBox

OPC Controls Panel

OPC Controls ListBox

OPC Controls ComboBox

OPC Controls HScrollBar

OPC Controls VScrollBar

OPC Controls TrackBar

OPC Controls StatusBar

OPC Controls Data

OPC Controls.NET Runtime Distribution