The Pens property determines which values to display in the chart.  The Pens can be from both local and remote OPC Systems Tags.

Use the Pens Dialog to setup the pens.

If you wish to set the Pens programmatically set the Pens property with a String containing the following information.

Version: The version of the pen configuration, currently 1.

Number of Pens: Specify the number of Pens you wish to set.

For each pen define the following information.

Tag Path: The path of the OPC Systems Tag.

Pen :Line Color: The color of the Pen.

Pen Line Type: The type of line to display.  Dash, DashDot, DashDotDot, Dot, or Solid.

Pen Line Thickness: The width of the pen.

Pen Line Transparency:  The transparency of the pen ranging from 0 to 100.

Symbol Shape: The symbol to display for the pen.  Circle, Diamond, Square, Triangle, UpsideDownTriangle, or None.

Symbol Color: The color of the symbol.

Description: The pen description that will show in the Legend.

Units: The engineering units to show in the Legend.

YAxis Range High: The high range of the pen for scaling.

YAxis Range Low: The low range of the pen for scaling.

Trend Order: The order of the pen in the chart.

Visible: Show or hide the pen in the chart.

Legend Value Format: The text format for the value in the Legend.

History Tag: The history tag to use when history is selected.  When left blank the system will automatically find the tag for you if the real-time Tag is on the same system as the history tag.

History Stat Processing: The type of statistic processing for history when more data logging rate is faster than the sample rate for the history chart.  Use Avg, Max, or Min.

Example: 1,3,Sine.Value,Red,Solid,1,90,None,Red,Sine,,1,-1,1,True,0.00,xTest.Sine_Value,Avg,Ramp.Value,LimeGreen,Solid,1,0,None,Red,,,100,0,2,True,0.00,xTest.Ramp_Value,Avg,Random.Value,Blue,Solid,1,0,None,Red,Random,,100,0,3,True,0.00,Test.Random_Value,Avg