Read Database with Recipe Feature

You can read values from SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL based on event, continuously, or time of day with a dynamic query to filter what data is returned.  The values are then written to OPC Systems.NET Tags and on to OPC Items if desired with full confirmation that the values in the database are successfully transferred to the device or software application that is the destination.

By using the product OPC Recipe.NET this is easy to setup.

View the following video for a detailed presentation for transferring values from a database to real-time values.

View the Quick Start section on Configure Recipes to follow simple steps and also the OPC Systems Configuration-Recipe section for all property attributes for Configure-Recipes.

Other resources for recipe applications:

Programmatically Access Configurations

View the Networking video for syntax on how to enable remote communications.

View the following troubleshooting video on how to investigate and resolve recipe execution issues.

*Note: If you just want to read the data values or alarms from a database to your .NET application you can use the OPC Trend and OPC Alarm controls with the GetTrendDataTable and GetAlarmDataTable methods along with the HistorySelect methods.