Remote Networking Feature

All features of OPC Systems.NET including configuration tools and all .NET components support remote connections over your LAN, WAN, VPN, and the Internet.

View the following presentation on remote connectivity for all features.  After the video loads select the topic you are interested in networking.

Common syntax for remote connections with the client components is the following.

\\Network Node\Tag.Value.

You can substitute Network Node for an IP Address or registered Internet domain name.

For Windows and Web Alarm Windows using the AlarmNetworkNodes property to define which service to subscribe to.

Windows Communication Foundation

OPC Systems.NET implements Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) networking over the default TCP port 58724.  The WCF port number can adjusted under Configure-Options.

Legacy version of OPC Systems.NET implement .NET Remoting over TCP port 58723.

View the following video on how to adjust the TCP port number, add additional security for your network, and how to connect to legacy systems.