*Run Trend Window in OPC Trends and Alarms




Start OPC Trends and Alarms application if it is not already running.


Select the Trends button in the lower left of the Navigator bar and select the OPC Systems Demo Trend Window and select the Add Trend To Window button.


The Trend Window should appear as below with real time update from the OPC Systems Service.


If data does not appear within a few seconds make sure to open up the Firewall for port 58724 for the OPCSystemsHMI.exe and the OPCSystemsService.exe.  Then restart the OPC Systems Service and try again.  Contact Open Automation Software for OPC setup for XP document and help setting up OPC Systems.NET.  www.opcsystems.com.


Select the Rotate View icon on the toolbar and move the mouse to change the view perspective to see the 3D trending.



Right Click on the Trend Window and select Modify Pens.


Select the Local OPC Systems Service and expand the Random Tag and select the Value Parameter and right click to Add Trend Point.


Select Random.Value in the lower left Pen list and set the ShowValue attribute to True.


Select OK in the lower left of the Trend Point Tags dialog.



Notice that the values for the Random Pen have been buffered by the OPC Systems Service even though it had not previously been added to a Trend Window.

In order to retain the Trend Real-time buffers between computer shutdowns use the Configure OPC Systems application under Configure-Options to set Retain Trend Real-time buffers.

You can remove Pens by simply selecting Modify Pens and delete the Pen from Pen list and select OK.



Right Click on the Trend Window and select Modify Chart-Update Rates.


Set the TimeFrame to 600.



This will cause a new Time Frame in the OPC Systems Service for all Trend Points with a 1 second Sample Rate.  The Trend Window Update Rate is set to 6 seconds as more samples will take more CPU load with fast update rates in 3D mode.


Select File Save if you wish to save the on-line Window name and arrangement retentive.  All modifications to the Trend Window properties will be retentive after this even if you do not select Save again.  Only when a Window is added or removed do you need to select Save.



If you setup Data Logging in this example right click on the Trend Window and select History to retrieve historical data if you have setup Data Logging previously.


Right click on the trend window and choose Modify Chart-Y Axis and change the Scale Mode from PercentOfPenRanges to StackedPercentOfPenRanges



Right click on the trend window and choose Modify Pens and set the StackedChartNumber property in each Pen to a unique number for each Pen.  Select OK to confirm the changes to the Pens.


Explore the Trend Window Toolbar buttons and other features of the Trend Window including the Data Grid, Data Cursors, Data Zoom,

This same trend control can also be added to your Visual Studio application.

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