Software Licensing

OPC Systems.NET runs as a Service Oriented Architecture with support for unlimited numbers of client applications at no additional cost. 

The license for each product feature is activated at the data source where each service runs. 

Each product feature includes the data service, connections to OPC Servers, support for calculations, and free programmatic interface for all configuration.

The following sections are a description for each product feature licensing.

Note: Refer to OPC Systems Configuration License on how to enable software product licenses.


OPC Windows HMI.NET License


OPC Web HMI.NET License

OPC Mobile.NET License

OPC Gauge.NET License

OPC Alarm.NET License

OPC Web Alarm.NET License

OPC Trend.NET License

OPC Web Trend.NET License

OPC Database.NET License

OPC Recipe.NET License

OPC Report.NET License

OPC Route.NET License

OPC Client.NET License

OPC Excel.NET License