Tag CSV Export and Import

Tags can be exported to CSV files to be modified using Microsoft Excel.  Simply right click on the Local Service and select Export CSV or select the CSV Export button on the toolbar at the top.


Open the CSV file with Microsoft Excel to review or modify the Tag parameters.  You can create new Tags by adding additional rows to the file.  You can sort and move columns in any order you like.  Only the Tag column is required, all other columns are optional.  If a property column is deleted new Tags will be created with the default value of the property.

When you have finished the modifications close Microsoft Excel and use Import CSV to load all modifications back to the tag configuration and then save the changes to a tag configuration file as shown in Step 22 of Configure Tags.


You cannot have Excel open with the CSV file during the import or export as Excel will lock the file for exclusive use.  First close the file in Excel, and then proceed with the import or export.