Trending Feature

Trending can be implemented for real-time data and from database data when combined with the product feature OPC Database.NET.

The first step is to define the data source.  If trending an OPC Systems.NET Tag value make sure to first enable the Trend Point for the parameter that you would like to trend.  You can trend items from the Value parameter as well as the Alarm Limits.

You can develop Windows WinForm applications and WPF applications with the OPC Trend.NET product which includes the 100% managed .NET trend control.

You can also develop ASP.NET web applications with the product OPC Web Trend.NET.  This is the right choice for Smartphone clients.

Both OPC Trend.NET and OPC Web Trend.NET support communications over the Internet.

If you do not want to develop an application and just want to trend window to display your data you can use the OPC Trends and Alarms Container.

For WinForm and WPF trend applications view the following topic Windows Trending Feature.

For Web trend applications for Smartphones view the following topic Web Trending Feature.