Windows Trending Feature


The following resources will provide you information to get your trending application put together quickly.


View the following video for a quick introduction to OPC Trend.NET.

View the following video for basic steps on using OPC Trend.NET in a Windows application.

For displaying real-time and historical data in the same window view the following video.

For setting specific real-time time frames for trending view the following video.

To define and X-Y Plot trend view the following video.

View the Quick Start section on Trending to follow simple steps and also the OPC Trend.NET section for reference of all controls and property attributes.

Other resources for WinForm and WPF trending applications.

View the following video if you are using OPC Trend.NET with Visual Studio 2010 to set the full Target Framework.

View the Networking video for syntax on how to enable remote communications.

To deploy your application as a Smart Client view the following video.

To have your application automatically adapt itself based on the data source view the following video.