WPF HMI Feature

Use OPC WPF HMI.NET to create Windows Presentation Foundation applications to run locally and remotely to the OPC Systems Service.

View the following video for a quick introduction to WPF HMI applications.



Basic WPF controls:



View the following videos for creating dashboard applications.

Bar Chart: https://www.opcsystems.com/wpfdashboardbarchart_video.htm

Pie Chart: https://www.opcsystems.com/wpfdashboardpiechart_video.htm

Circular Data: https://www.opcsystems.com/wpfdashboardcircular_video.htm

Quick Chart: https://www.opcsystems.com/wpfdashboardquickchart_video.htm

Gauges: https://www.opcsystems.com/opc_wpf_gauge_net_video.htm


View the following video on how to create HMI Animation using Expression Blend.



Detailed WPF basic HMI controls:



View the Quick Start section on WPF HMI using Visual Studio to follow simple steps and also the OPC WPF HMI.NET section for reference of all controls and property attributes.

Other resources for WPF HMI applications.

Quick Start Templates

HMI Symbols

HMI Gauges Feature

Programmatic Data Access

View the Networking video for syntax on how to enable remote communications.


To deploy your application as a Smart Client view the following video.


To have your application automatically adapt itself based on the data source view the following video.