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Free Live Data Cloud added for Remote SCADA Hosting
May 29th 2012
The addition of Live Data Cloud to OPCSystems.NET the Complete SCADA product eliminates the need for dedicated IP addresses and expensive hardware additions at the data source to achieve the same level of secure data access. Live Data Cloud leverages exclusive Open Automation Software technology to enable the utilization of any standard Internet / Intranet connection to provide complete enterprise access to data. This data access is available from both remote and local sites with no additional licensing fees 24 hours a day. Data security is maintained at all levels by implementing binary encryption of the communication packets and then transported over Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology, which provides additional encryption, and X509 certification validation. Now every company can afford to provide live accurate data to all levels of the enterprise and incorporate that data into its most critical decision making processes.
Click here to view a video on the Live Data Cloud feature

"At Open Automation Software we are continually developing new solutions which will enable our customers to share their data openly and easily. The development of Live Data Cloud is our most innovative communications feature to date since the original release of OPCSystems.NET in 2004. Live Data Cloud provides our customers with the ability to share real-time and historical data from OPC Servers, OPC Clients, databases, Microsoft Excel, and .NET applications from any Windows PC that has a standard Internet connection. Customers can host data directly from their own PCs easily and securely," said Ken Eldridge, President of Open Automation Software.

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New Radial and Linear Gauges for WPF
March 5th 2012

The OPC WPF Radial Gauge has an unlimited number of needles and each needle can have an additional 5 range indicators. The Radial Gauge has 7 predefined styles to choose from, but it is still completely customizable. You can also create your own gauge styles with the OPC WPF Needle control.
The OPC Systems Linear Gauge has 3 predefined styles (Bar, Whisker and Pointer).
All OPC Systems Gauges allow connection to live data to multiple properties such as Value, Minimum and Maximum Range, Indicator Color, Flashing, Visibility, Opacity as well as WPF Transforms and many more.
Click here a video on the OPC WPF Radial Gauge.
Taking advantage of open standards to increase OEM product sales
September 21st 2011
Click here for article published in Design Engineer.

"Plants are more cautious about the equipment purchased and integrated into existing systems and customers are demanding more from their solutions." Jack McIntyre reports.
The economy of the world has taken many twists and turns over the past five years and has had an impact on every industrial automation company in some shape or form. Automation projects were put on hold and are only now slowly coming back online. As projects come up, OEMs and machine builders face new challenges.
Data produced by OPC Systems.NET can be used to implement a predictive maintenance schedule rather than a reactive one. Imagine how many times a crew has been deployed to change bearings, fluids, and seals simply because that is what the maintenance schedule dictates? By seeing the data in real-time across the enterprise, maintenance schedules can be predicted and asset lifetime can be extended.
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Industrial Interview: "One-Click" HMI to visualize real-time data across the enterprise"
August 1st 2011
An Industrial Interview conducted for explaining the benefits of using OPC Systems.NET to effectively visualize real-time data that can be easily accessed by anyone across the enterprise. The interview also describes how this data can be used to decrease maintenance costs and increase machine lifecycles.
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Open Automation Software's Customers Choose KEPServerEX Two-to-One for Connectivity between OPCSystems.NET and SCADA Systems
June 6th 2011
Today, Open Automation Software announced the results of a customer poll that showed OPCSystems.NET users chose KEPServerEX for a complete OPC solution over the other OPC servers on the market. Over 50% of Open Automation Software's customers chose to "Get Connected" with Kepware, and reported a high level of satisfaction when using the product with OPCSystems.NET.
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"We chose to partner with Kepware early on, because we have found that the performance of Kepware's product continually yields an overall faster data throughput with greater reliability than the other OPC Servers we previously worked with. Our OPCSystems.NET product runs as a Windows Service, and because KEPServerEX also runs as a Windows Service, it makes the initial connection extremely easy. It also makes it possible for both applications to run on a Windows Server operating systems without a user logged in," commented Ken Eldridge, President of Open Automation Software.
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Free HMI Training for Dashboard Applications
May 31st 2011
Learn how to create HMI dashboard applications using Visual Studio 2010 or Expression Blend 4.0
No programming experience required.
- June 9th 2011, 11:00 AM EDT

Learn how to create Storyboard Animations using Expression Blend 4.0
No programming experience required.
- June 23rd 2011, 11:00 AM EDT
Click here to register for free upcoming HMI and SCADA training.
HMI Dashboard Applications - June 9th, 2011 - 11:00 AM EDT
HMI Animation - June 23rd, 2011 - 11:00 AM EDT
Automated HMI
April 4th 2011
Open Automation Software has added to the OPCSystems.NET installation a self adapting HMI client application demonstrating the features of automatically defining data sources and dynamically changing the operator interface without human intervention.
The application demonstrates monitoring 1 to 25 water treatment filter beds with one click of the mouse.
Click here to view a short 5 minute video on running the Automated HMI application.
Visit for information and to download the Automated HMI source code example.
Free HMI Symbols
March 5th 2011
Open Automation Software has a new industrial graphic symbol library available for use with OPC Windows HMI.NET, OPC Web HMI.NET, and OPC WPF HMI.NET.

Visit to view all of the symbols and download the free library.
Click here to view a short 3 minute video on using HMI Symbols in an application.
Click here for a complete presentation where the above application is developed.
Contact our sales and support team if you would like a custom graphic created for your application at
OPC Systems.NET Enterprise Version 4

February 28th 2011
OPCSystems.NET now supports up to 1,000,000 tags per server for 64 bit operating systems.
OPCSystems.NET implements a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) so you can deploy multiple servers to monitor and archive your entire company's information.
More information about the Enterprise version of OPCSystems.NET is available at: - -